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For almost a century, Frisco Brands has been the most trusted name in spices, sourcing only the finest herbs, salts, and seasonings from around the world. Our commitment to quality has been at the heart of our success, and we are proud to continue this tradition today. With our long-standing heritage, we know what sets great spices apart from good ones, and we use our expertise to ensure that every spice, herb, and seasoning we offer is of the highest possible quality. From sourcing to processing, our exceptional quality standards ensure that our customers receive only the best possible flavors and aromas.

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Like the colors of a painter’s palette, spices provide an endless array of flavors that allow us to create culinary masterpieces.


Best-Selling Wholesale Products

Seasonal Specialties

Food has always been influenced by trends and customs, with spices playing a central role in every culinary moment. We take pride in providing flavors perfect for the holiday season, such as our artisanal Cinnamon Maple Sugar and our top-selling Chai Spices.

Single Spices

When it comes to our daily staples, each of our spices is handpicked for their outstanding flavors and exceptional aromas. Our single spices go beyond the ordinary, embodying complexity and depth in every pinch.

Rubs & Blends

Over the course of nine decades, we have honed the craft of creating impeccably balanced spice blends. Our exclusive recipes stand as a testament to our team’s enthusiasm for exploration and innovation in the world of flavors.

Salt-Free Essentials

Freshly ground spices add a captivating depth of aroma to low-sodium diets. Our carefully crafted combinations of delectable herbs deliver a full-bodied flavor experience without relying on salt.